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Thai Halal Declares The First ‘Halal Science Leader’ “Precision Halalization in the Bioeconomy Era”

When the world towards a new era with innovative new technologies to play a role in driving the global society today. Furthermore, the Halal Science to enhance product development undertakings. Thus, add the image to the religious Thailand Diamond Halal certification that is a scientific support. This is the power of the core support reliability. Hence, precision that 'Halal Thailand' New Era is so Modern this year. The Halal Science Center, Chulalongkorn University (HSC-CU) presents the International Conference on 'International Halal Science and Technology Conference 2018 (IHSATEC)', developed from the meeting HASIB (Halal Science Industry and Business) To announce a conference of the Science and Technology International Halal. Furthermore, it is a development endless. This year is the 11th, it is a fair that relates to the trade and exhibition, THAILAND HALAL ASSEMBLY 2018 (THA) during 14-16 December, 2018 at Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Bangna.

Assoc. Prof. Winai Dahlan, Founding and Director of The Halal Science Center Chulalongkorn University, said “Halal aims to concentrate by presenting the results of research of young scientists. This science is used to support the doctrine and the faith. And finally it becomes International Halal Science and Technology Conference 2018” International Halal Science and Technology Conference 2018 is considered to be the greatest time by qualified speakers in total 27 people from all around the world, for example; Brunei, Malaysia, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, New Zealand, Switzerland, United State of America, Egypt and Indonesia together with many participants and audiences.

In the event, beginning with a lecture by Assoc. Prof. Winai Dahlan introduced about the main topic of Tansri Dr. Surin Pitsuwan Memorial Lecture; Precision Halalization in The Bioeconomy Era. The halal business in the developing era of halal precisely to support government policy on bio-based economy as the country has strengths in agriculture. Precisely because the crop is incorporating technology into this new era. The cultivation of agricultural and value. “Integration of halal precision. As Thailand's efforts to blend technology for halal certification. Whether the Halal Science Laboratory, led by the newly is to developed and promoted H-Number. For the food industry can Halal ingredients correctly. And the use of specialized laboratories needed. In the Halal standards are developed HAL-Q Plus system to ensure the implementation of halal standards is available at the time.

In addition, the laboratory system of halal and halal standard has been developed. Currently, we have a great laboratory. And the most advanced equipment, the comprehensive implementation of halal standards in all areas with the use of Halal Correct an important role in the development of an integrated halal precision. Halal brand is the essential standard, it integrated to precision Halalization processing Unlike the ISO standard because of the halal-cost, lower-cost. And to develop Halal brand to be equivalent to the Louis Vuitton, brand have created and optimized even more. To jumpstart the Diamond Halal brand.”

There are also a fifth interesting Lectures, the first is Cosmetics and Nutrition by Miss Kasinee Katelakha. Thai scientists said that the most challenging is currently concern on the ingredient and the basic principles of halal cosmetics. "For the safety and health of halal cosmetics is the most important. Safety is not only the final product only but also the raw material, components, equipment, tools, label materials used in the manufacture of packaging. Technology and production processes, and in the production of halal cosmetics must be safe from the risk of disease and various infections. And the most crucial role is to ensure that the cosmetic product has been produced according to the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and quality of halal cosmetics is particularly important. One piece of halal cosmetics can be considered halal. When such cosmetics manufacturers have to meet the quality requirements specified in the quality of cosmetics that type."

The second topic is Bio-based economy and markets digital halal said Dr. Prodorn Sureephong, The Halal Science Center Chulalongkorn University (HSC-CU) "Digital economy halal make a more conscious about halal. And are taking more certificates. To get a more standard The more powerful More rapid That will require IT systems to help monitor system halal easier, more convenient, cheaper and faster, so it lets consumers know what to do. Not call for asking because nowaday you possibly find the solution by smartphone. It also allows consumers to be better protected, to requests for halal certification. Just only an applications through the part of Certification Body operators. Also to receive an E-Certification. When the world turns Halal open doors to the world in the digital era. This is a great opportunity.”

The third is about Innovative materials in contact with food for the halal by Dr.Azaree Suksuwan, Researchers described about an innovation in terms of materials used in the halal industry. In addition, this is not only food but also a non-food section or packaging and service. To check that is halal or not. It is equipped with a smart polymer, or the smart material used to verify the source. The components or even how feeding. Also the animals, that forbidden by the Muslim which mainly comes from natural sources is derived from the plant if it were available. So a key component in checking is focus on the edible or not, such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals.

The fourth is about Advanced technology for Halal goods and services by Malike Bouaoud, Cybersecurity Experts, Qatar Central Bank, State Of Qatar "In the recently, technology has made it halal even more comfortable. But regardless of rules or ethical core. According to Islam Adapted in line with most major religions, such as blockchain as reliable as the Artificial Intellectual (AI). This is a matter of the brain that can not be cloned as well as a sense of awareness, it can not be done yet. However, you cannot create AI in accordance with the practices and principles of religion due to the an unemotional. However, for the government agencies, public health, education about food, the food industry, transport utilization in these segments which are the most important part to deal with Muslims in data management or data in specific. Even an analysis of data. So it must be adapted and learned to use the technology in accordance with religious principles. Despite the changes, the doctrine remains the same. Still the standard is much more of this modern technology."

The last one is Omics Technology through the Halal integration or Precision Halalization, in the present day we bring an Omics Technology through applied in agriculture, food, nutrition in term of research toward the in-depth data as well as a benefit of the consumer. Furthermore, the quality of raw materials. The change process and storage of food. The nutritional and bioactive substance as well as the level of toxic contamination and food safety. The result leads a halal integration or the precision halalization.

Also it is precisely the advancement of science, technology, and innovation. Thailand's leading Halal Science. See you next year marks 70 years since the founding of Thailand Halal Certification and Standard.

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