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Thai Bridgestone Expects 5% Sales Growth in 2019

Thai Bridgestone has announced that it expects revenues in Thailand to increase by 5.4 per cent in 2019.

Thai Bridgestone established its business in 1967 and produced its first tyre on January 22, 1969 and now has a network of more than 1,500 retail network nationwide.

The company’s impressive record and commitment to the Thai market for more than five decades has seen the company grow to more than 5,000 employees and two manufacturing plants. Bridgestone sources it’s own products, manufactures tires, handles sales and logistics and also has its own retail division.

“We have excellent bonds with our employees, our dealers and are business partners and that is the key ingredient for all these years of success,” said Hideyuki Takeda, Managing Director, Thai Bridgestone. “We now have 15 separate companies all under the Thai Bridgestone umbrella and we can cover upstream, midstream and downstream business activities via these.”

The revenue forecast is based on a number of factors including Thai automotive industry and repair market, car production, domestic sale and export which are expected to be up by 4-5%. The company expects to produce 47,000 tyre units/ day and buy 120,000 tons of rubbers from Thai farmers.

To drive its brand in 2019, Bridgestone is launching a marketing campaign called Give A Loving Hand to encourage customers to choose the right tyres. There is only an area the size of your hand touching the road when you are driving and your family’s lives are reliant on this small area. However, via high performance technology and durability, Bridgestone contribute to make every one’s journey safe.

A major part of the company’s activities will be sponsorships and community outreach. Bridgestone is the Olympic and Paralympic Worldwide partner. The partnership runs until 2024 and involves many spin off activities with Thai society.

Not only will Bridgestone support Thai athletes on their Olympic journeys but they have also set up Team Bridgestone Thailand which will help Thai people pursue their dreams and overcome hurdles. The refined CSR program ‘Our Way to Serve’ is committed to improve the quality of Thai people life include the inspirational Chase Your Dream; the local volunteer activity Bridgestone Rak Baan Kerd and the science education and technology innovation Bridge 2 Inventor Challenge.

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