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Mercedes-Benz opens new 'Parts Distribution Center' to ensure after-sales satisfaction, leveraging distribution efficiency for customers nationwide

Mercedes-Benz Thailand will strengthen its business plan strategy and greatly support Mercedes-Benz future car sales with the expansion of customer services space on Bangna-Trad km 19 Road with total area of 45,000 square metres. The company has invested 500 million baht to launch the ‘Parts Distribution Center’ which can analyse and store spare part items. Combined with the installation of state-of-the-art technology - I4AP (Innovation of Asia Pacific) the company will increase efficiency and speed of management, as well as streamline the distribution of parts to all 32 authorised Mercedes-Benz dealers. This new development will streamline customer service and satisfaction across the country.

Mr. Roland Folger, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Co., Ltd., revealed, “In keeping with the company‘s customer centric approach as our priority, Mercedes-Benz continues offering superior service excellence to meet customers’ optimum satisfaction. With our record as the number one leading luxury car brand for 18 consecutive years, Mercedes-Benz has continuously been recognised as a trusted brand among our customers. In response to the growing car sales and expansion of customers in the future, we are dramatically boosting our after-sales service. With the focus on the area of maintenance, our goal is to increase the efficiency of automotive care for customers.”

“Mercedes-Benz has expanded our customer service area on Bangna-Trad km 19 Road to 45,000 square metres and allocated 500 million baht to launch the new ‘Parts Distribution Center’, comprising of 13,000 square metres. The Parts Distribution Center will be able to support more storage in the future while potentially expanding the area to a total of 15,000 square metres. Moreover, the company has allocated 30,000 square metres to be new training and workshop centre.”

“Mercedes-Benz is confident in the potential of Bangna-Trad Road, renowned for its strategic location in logistics that connects land, air and sea transport. The recent warehouse expansion will ensure speed and efficiency to the parts distribution operations for all 32 authorised Mercedes-Benz dealers nationwide. The new warehouse can analyse and store spare parts used for maintenance and general repairs of all brands offered by Mercedes-Benz Thailand, including those from Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Maybach and the EQ models,” Mr. Folger added.

Mr. Putthi Tulayathun, Vice President of Customer Services of Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said, “The new Parts Distribution Center is the only one of its kind as Mercedes-Benz’s official part warehouse in Thailand. It has been designed and contructed according to the company’s global standard, featuring state-of-the-art technology - I4AP (Innovation of Asia Pacific) which enables the company to increase efficiency and speed of part management, as well as supporting our Dealer Inventory Management System: DIMS. The new area has been expanded to better serve the outbound logistics for the distribution of parts to all 32 authorised Mercedes-Benz dealers. These developments will help maximise the distribution capacity up to 2,000 lines per day.”

The warehouse’s operating procedure starts from the “Inbound Logistics” area with spare parts imported from Germany and Singapore. These parts will be sorted and listed in the warehouse’s inventory, ready to be distributed upon the dealer’s order. When the spare parts from the stock are ordered through it will be brought out to the “Outbound Logistics” area. 17 dealers in Bangkok and peripherals will be able to receive the ordered spare parts the same day whereas 15 other dealers in upcountry areas will receive them the following day.

The spare part management of Mercedes-Benz is extremely systematic, ranging from the buying quantity of each type of parts; Fast Moving, Medium Moving and Slow Moving. The sizes and types of the parts are also separated and stored in six main zones, including 1) small to medium parts, 2) large and heavy parts, 3) parts with special handling such as hybrid batteries, 4) parts containing hazardous chemicals, 5) parts under thermal control, and 6) key parts. The company has increased optimum security in the new warehouse with special designs and construction techniques to ensure efficiency in part storage minimising emergency situations and mitigating loss.

“Apart from the area expansion and technological advancement, Mercedes-Benz strives to develop the skills of our human resources. Our staff members have passed an intensive training by officials from Daimler AG. This is to ensure that staff is able to utilise the new technology and reach their full potential to manage the part management systems in order to deliver utmost satisfaction for our customers,” Mr. Putthi concluded.

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