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Mazda2 clinches passenger car crown for second consecutive year 2020 sales target set at 60,000 units

Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co. Ltd., has announced a successful performance in 2019 with total sales reaching almost 60,000 units. The Mazda2 was able to secure its title for the second consecutive year and despite a slowing economy, Mazda is confident that the automobile market will be active once again in 2020. In 2020, the Japanese auto maker is planning to expand its product portfolio with new passenger cars, crossovers and pickup trucks that come with the latest technologies. Mazda will concentrate on establishing long-term customer relationship and raising after-sales service quality further, after completing a major showroom and service center upgrade nationwide. In 2020, Mazda plans to over 60,000 vehicles in Thailand this year and gain a 6-per cent market share.

Mr. Chanchai Trakarnudomsuk, President of Mazda Sales Thailand, said, “The automobile market in 2019 was closely watched by experts who predicted that auto sales should settle at 1 million units, the same level as the 1.04 million units sold in 2018. Despite positive and negative factors, Thai auto sales broke past the 1-million-unit mark in 2020 (estimate).” “Mazda sell success 58,129 vehicles, a decrease of 17.5 per cent compared to the previous year, and securing a 5.8-per cent market share. Of these, 46,704 units were passenger cars, 5,736 were SUVs (the CX-8 has enjoyed strong customer response), 5,664 pickup trucks and 25 MX-5 roadsters.

“Competition in the automobile market was intense last year and although Mazda launched 6 new models (mostly during the yearend period) we were able to achieve significant sales. Contributing factors include the high level of confidence that customers have in our products, penetrating marketing activities, brand communication and outstanding after-sales service. This has helped Mazda’s sales to reach 58,129 units with a market share of 5.8 per cent.

Mr. Chanchai added that the Thai economy grew by 2.5 per cent in 2019. “In general we can say that it is better, although the improvement was lower that the potential. Major factors include political change leading to elections, but it took much time before the government was formed and stepped in. This has caused delays in major projects.”

He said the Thai economy should expand by 2.8 – 3.0 per cent in 2020, with exchange rates and the economic climate could affect the automobile industry. “If the Baht averages at 30 per US dollar this year, it will affect agricultural, automotive and tourism industries, and production could drop for the second straight year. Thailand is still a tourist destination for China, India, Japan, South Korea and ASEAN countries. This year we need government support to help drive the economy, for example the government must further stimulate the economy, speed up budget procedures as well as ease financial measures. Government investment is what drives the Thai economy, especially investment on basic foundation projects that are ongoing such as airports, highways, railways and metro lines.

He added that factors that could affect the Thai economy this year include domestic and international politics particularly international trade measures that could aid recovery of the world economy and Thailand. The draught may affect produce and related industries, but prices are improving.

With Thai auto sales breaking 1 million units last year - the Mazda2 claiming the No.1 position and Mazda securing the No.3 position in the market – Mazda is enjoying growing popularity in Thailand. The Mazda2 was the best-selling model in the B-segment and Eco Car segments for the second straight year, and the facelift version is expected to help it maintain its leading position despite stronger rivals. By regularly introducing new and improved models with KODO Design and SKYACTIV technology to the market, Mazda has been able to achieve sales of 260,000 units within the last 5 years. Thailand represents one of the major markets for Mazda worldwide, achieving spectacular growth figures during the past 6 years, Mr. Chanchai said.

For 2020, Mazda will follow its “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom” philosophy to support environment protection as well as the “Joy of Driving” concept. “Mazda Motor Corporation will celebrate its 100th anniversary on January 30 and Mazda Sales Thailand and Mazda entities worldwide has prepared major activities to celebrate this important occasion in 2020,” he said.

As for dealership improvement, all showroom renovations and upgrades will be fully completed within this fiscal year, and dealers will be involved in more activities in order to reach more customers.

In terms of products, new models especially from the Crossover SUV segment will help strengthen the Mazda lineup and increase choices for customers. This will help Mazda offer a full range of passenger cars, SUVs, crossovers and pickup trucks for all customer types.

Mr. Thee Permpongpanth, Vice President for Marketing and Government Affair, added, “The past year Mazda was highly successful as all our new models were highly popular, despite not having new products during the first half of the year. Most of the new models were launched during the last quarter of the year and although orders are flowing in, they are not in time to fill in this year’s sales decline. But for the fiscal year figures, we plan to achieve our targets or finish close. “An important aspect is continuous online marketing that helps improve marketing communications in terms of effectiveness and reaching the right target groups.

“Apart from sales, Mazda also gives importance to after-sales service quality in order to keep customers satisfied during throughout the vehicle ownership. In terms of spare parts and delivery, Mazda has carried out dramatic improvements, and today some of our parts cost less than the market average. Parts delivery occurs twice daily for Greater Bangkok and once a day for upcountry,” he said.

These are the measures taken by Mazda in order to further improve our services for customers, and represents the strategy that Mazda is taking in order to help drive business in 2020.

Mazda Sales Performance 2018/2019

January – December 2018
January – December 2019
% Change
- 8.6
- 10.2
Mazda CX-3
- 44.2
Mazda CX-5
- 63.0
Mazda CX-8
Mazda BT-50 PRO
- 24.4
Mazda MX-5
- 16.6
- 17.5

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