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Art for Cancer Launches Move Against Cancer Project

On the World Cancer Day (4th of February), Art for Cancer by Irealin collaboration with MSD (Thailand) Ltd., Department of Medical Services, National Cancer Institutesof Thailand, Siriraj Cancer Center, and Thai Society of Clinical Oncology (TSCO) –announce the launch of 'Move Against Cancer' Project and introduce 'The 1st Pill Kit' to Thai cancer patients. The 1st Pill Kit is a creative educational tool with QR code features that conveys a positive attitude towards cancer, accurate information about this deadly disease, and raise awareness about cancer prevention, screening and treatment options to improve quality of life for cancer patients.

Ireal Traisansri, founder of Art for Cancer by Ireal, operated by Art of Life Social Enterprise, said “I haveestablished the company as a social enterprise from the thoughts of wanting to support and help improve a better quality of life for Thai cancer patients. I would like to thank you and express my gratitude to all the organizations both in public and private sectors who support the launch of Move Against Cancer project. It is a sustainable project and will help Thai cancer patients and caregivers gain access to information by scanning QR code to receive three approaches or three moves.” 

These are:

● Move for Better Knowledge to provide the accurate information,

● Move for Better Accessibility to provide the information on prevention, screening and treatment options;

● Move for Better Quality of Life to provide information on the quality of life, both physically and mentally.

All the information contains in The 1st Pill Kit or Ya-Kamlung-Jai in Thai, is not about how to fight cancer but how to live with cancer, providing hope for every patient and caregiver that they have a chance to stay ascancer-free. The 1st Pill Kit or Ya-Kamlung-Jai is aimed to provide cancer patients throughout 20 cancer centers in public hospitals nationwide.

Mr. Kevin Peters, Managing Director of MSD (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said, “Cancer is one of the greatest health challenges of our time. MSD, as a leading global biopharmaceutical company, stands united with patients and families facing the disease, as well as with all the doctors, researchers, governmentsand regulatorsacross the globe who are focused on overcoming this challenge. According to global can 2018, there are approximately 170,000 cases of cancernewly diagnosed in Thailand and over 100,000 patients dying every year.Working together, we can and we will make progress toward improving patient’s quality of life and creating a world without cancer.”

Kevin also added, “We are proud to partner with Art for Cancer and other Stake holders to join the World Cancer Day in Thailand and to launch Move Against Cancer. Together we can create a groundswell of awareness and action that will enable real advances and creating a better future for all.”

Apart from the corporate responsibility, Kevin also adds that our company’s research focused on innovation breakthroughprevention and treatment of cancers, we remain committed in making a difference for cancer sufferers in Thailand and continue to delivery further innovation to help tackle the disease. Since 2000, MSD in Thailand has been investing in clinical research studies. This year, weareworkingwith 145 clinical research centers across the country, the majority of which is in the field of cancer. Patients are at the center of everything we do – and we remain focused on our mission to save and improve lives here in Thailand and across the world.

At the launch of Move Against Cancer campaign event, there is a knowledge and experience sharing session from several people including Dr.Naiyarat Prasongsook,oncologistfrom TSCO, Bank Pachara Panyayong, an actor and ex-television news anchor who has liver cancer, Nina Sutita Panyayong, Khun Bank’s wife, his care giver, and Eve Puttathida Sirachaya, a care giver of her father, Settha Sirachaya, who has lung cancer.

Bank (Pachara Panyayong) mentioned "I was shockedwhen I was diagnosedwith liver cancer. Even though I regularly have annual checkups and exercise. The doctors found a 4 cm tumor in my liver. I have been treated with chemoembolizationand Radio Frequency Ablation at the tumor aiming to reduce its’ size and stop the growth. I have also changed my diet and lifestyle to reduce the risk of cancer to spread. The most important thing is emotional support from family and friends. As cancer patients have to spend a lot of time to fight with the disease and complicating conditions. Without their supports, it would be very difficult to move against cancer."

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