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I.C.C. launches a supplement food Collagee 5, premium collagen

I.C.C. International Plc, a subsidiary of Sahapat Group, created a new BSC Happy Age brand by introducing ‘Collagee 5’, a premium supplement food that contains 9 quality ingredients from natural sources to serve the elderly’s demand to lead a happy life. The product serves the health demand for the elderly in order to age healthily with strong bones, tendon & joints, skin, hair and nails. The product aims to penetrate the senior citizens segment and capture the 850-billion-baht supplement food industry to become the leader in the premium collagen market.

Mrs. Kanjana Tangsereesuksan, Director of Product and Msarketing, I.C.C. International Plc revealed the trend of the Silver Age generation that the senior citizens segment is an important market for several business industries as it is projected that the number of the elderly will rise 14.4% this year, making Thailand an absolute aged society. This elderly segment will become a major bargaining power group with high disposable income from their lifetime savings. Such factors inspired I.C.C. to introduce the product to serve the need of this segment.

“The elderly’s way of thinking and their behavior are not like other segments. They are silence consumer that has wide knowledge and experiences and is well adapted to new technologies and applications such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google to search for information. Most of them like to use Line to communicate with friends and families. However, they do not usually express what they want which is a challenging task for us in terms of marketing strategy and communication with this segment. Therefore, introducing new product has to truly relief their concerns. Their main concerns are not being able to take care of themselves or being a burden for their children so they shut themselves from family’s participation and activities which effects on the happiness and family relationship.”

I.C.C. sees the opportunity to penetrate the Silver Economy through BSC Happy Age brand. We are determined to conduct research and develop products to support the seniors to live their lives happily. The first group of product is supplement food which is made especially to serve the 5 demands for the elderly which includes bones, tendon & joints, eyesight, skin, hair and nails in line with the concerns of people aged 50 and up. The main concern for the elderly is about bone, tendon & joints, followed by eyesight, hair and nail. Therefore, I.C.C. has launched this premium collagen product Collagee 5 that has distinctive quality from other collagens in the market that could solve all physically and mentally concerns for the Silver Age’s better lifestyle.”

Mrs.Kanjana further said that Collagee 5 from BSC Happy Age is a premium collagen food supplement that is best for senior consumers as it contains 9 ingredients from the natural energies worldwide including Collagen tri-peptide, UC-II, Acelora cherry, black sesame extract, calcium L-threonate, coenzyme q10, Lutein& Zeaxanthin, pine bark extract and shark cartilage, which has been delicately produced and certified by GMP and HACCP in international level for every manufacturing processes and controlled by pharmacists. The end product is a pure collagen without fishy smell, no scent and taste added, sugar-free, preservatives-free, chemical-free. The collagen comes in a fine powder that is melted in room-temperature water, easily for body to absorb with fast effective as well as control vital nutrients that body needs daily.

Moreover, Collagee 5 is the only product in the market that answers to all the concerns of the elderlies, covering all 5 demands; increasing bone density as well as minimize bone resorption, prevent osteoporosis and increase performance for osteoarthritis; preventing tendon & joints inflammation as the complete collagen structure has similar molecule as human cartilage that could increase joint fluids and prevent muscles from contract, chorea and cramp; fill up wrinkles and deep creases by hydrating the skin, giving more elastic, smoothening skin, stimulating new skin cell to get bright youthful skin; building light shield that could harm the eyes by protecting the retina and minimize the risk of getting cataract and macular degeneration; strengthening the hair by making it dark and healthily shiny, prevent white hair and strengthen nails not to be easily thorn or fragile.

Mrs.Kanjana said that “Currently, the food supplement market in Thailand is worth over 850 billion baht. Launching Collagee 5 to capture the marketshare is a highly challenging approach by I.C.C. However, what interested is the product has competitive edge from the growing number of the targeted Silver Age Group that has different perspectives from the previous generations. Because more than half of this present Silver Age group are looking for things that could fulfill their lifestyles, make them feel younger than their actual ages, strengthen their body to be able to learn new things or things they have not done when they were young as well as be strong enough to have outside-of-home activities. More importantly, this group has high purchasing power and concern-free as they have less responsibilities. Therefore, choosing the products from BSC Happy Age brand that have maximum health benefit from natural resources at worthy prices and easy accessible is the right answer to have a quality and happy life.”

In mid-2019, the company has tested the market by launching Collagee 5 in on-ground and on-line channels, it had founded that the response was higher than expectation as the products had run out of stock. The result from consuming the product has become popular though world of mouth. Thus, the company has decided to fully expand the distribution channels in 2020 in on-ground, online, TVs shows (both online and on-air) to penetrate targeted group as well as provide conveniences to buy the product which is the first year that I.C.C. fully enter the elderly market.” Mrs. Kanjana concluded.

BSC Happy Age brand by I.C.C International Plc, a subsidiary of Sahapat Group also plans to launch more products in 2020 that related to current issues like CoronaVirus and PM 2.5, products that increase 3 immune systems from alimentary canal, respiratory organ and urinary tract. Moreover, it will introduce products that related to nerves system for the elderly as well as for heart system, vascular system, endocrine system and male & female genital systems.

Collagee 5, a premium collagen supplement food is now available at Watsons, Tsuruha, Lab Pharmacy, Health Up, Safe Drug and online channels; Lazada, Shopee, www.bschappyage.com, www.ethailandbest.com, www.facebook.com/bschappyage, Line @happyage For more information contact 02-296-9999

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