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Mitsubishi Motors Thailand Exceeds 2019 Targets and Outgrows Industry

Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has posted a 4.4% Year-on-Year (YoY) growth with a domestic sales volume of 88,244 units, winning it a market share of 8.8%. Its performance also outgrew the automotive industry. For 2019, the total industry volume was 1,007,552 units, a 3.3% drop over 2018.

“2019 was a remarkable year for us. We are among the only 3 car makers with positive sales results. We would like to thank our customers for this achievement especially when we outgrew the market, amidst growing challenges. Apart from our strong product lineup, our success was also due to the re-engineering of our network and customer-focused initiatives. We also invested in people development.” said Mr. Morikazu Chokki, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd. during the company’s annual meet-the-press session.

“Looking forward to 2020, we will maximize this momentum and aim to achieve more than 9% market share. We will also be looking into improving quality and efficiency in our Laemchabang production facility with the new paint factory, so our customers get the best from us.” Mr. Chokki added.

While Mitsubishi Motors Thailand outgrew the industry in 2019, it achieved results under a challenging and competitive environment. In the face of an economic slowdown that affected domestic and export trade.

Against this backdrop, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand continued to launch a whole range of models designed to keep its lineup fresh, relevant and exciting. They include New Mitsubishi Triton Low-Rider, New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, New Mitsubishi Attrage, New Mitsubishi Mirage, and New Mitsubishi Triton Athlete.

Leading Mitsubishi Motors Thailand’s sales in 2019, Mitsubishi Triton sales totaled 35,807 units, which accounted for 41% of total sales and made it the best-selling model in the lineup. The second best-selling model was the Mitsubishi Xpander which accounted for 18% of total sales at 16,196 units.

On the back of fresh launches, New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport made up 15% of total sales, with 13,558 units sold. The city cars Mitsubishi Attrage and Mitsubishi Mirage continued to be popular, with a total of 22,683 units sold, 26% of total sales.

On exports, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand reclaimed the first place among Thailand’s car exporters with a total of 332,700 units, consisting of 284,500 BU (built-up) units and 48,200 KD (knocked-down) units. In 2019, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand also marked another export milestone of 4 million units.

In terms of production volume, the company recorded a total volume of 407,200 units, consisting of 353,500 BU units and 53,700 KD units.

In addition to products, other factors that catalyzed success included the re-engineering of its dealer network and enhancing customer satisfaction. In addition to 229 outlets nationwide covering every province, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand also launched its new concept of lifestyle showrooms to improve customer experience and satisfaction, while enhancing brand strength.

Customer-centric aftersales service under the slogan ‘Rao Doo Lae Khun Kae Kub’ (We take care, you just drive) also gave customers peace of mind with assurances of affordable genuine service, parts, technicians, performance, network and accessibility. Other more tactical initiatives that endeared the brand with customers included the Mitsubishi Happy Fan, Mitsubishi Happy Festival, Mitsubishi Road Show, Awakening Bangkok 2019 – Innovative Lighting and Art Festival and various local events at dealer level.

Mitsubishi Motors Thailand also places emphasis on, and invests in people development, with the ultimate aim of providing customers the best products and services. Its Education Academy (EA) is the company’s cornerstone of training for knowledge and skills development. The company also invested in EA to advance its learning systems through Training Management System (TMS) and e-Learning System.

To achieve more than 9% market share in 2020, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand will continue to focus on the 3 key success factors – 1) customer focus 2) network re-engineering and 3) people development. Implementation of its Advanced Dealer Operation Standard and global showroom design with new corporate identity will continue to ensure customers experience a consistent identity with Mitsubishi-ness regardless of location or touchpoint. It will also aim to expand its dealer network to 245 outlets nationwide.

On the manufacturing front, it will strengthen its competitiveness with the construction of a new paint factory while rationalizing existing welding and assembly shop operations. Mitsubishi Motors Thailand also has a plan for further investments to improve quality, efficiency and eco-friendliness with new technologies and automation that will also be carried out.

As one of the leading global players in electrification, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand will be gearing up for the production of Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle) at Laemchabang production facility from 2021 onwards with the investment worth more than THB 3,130 million. Mitsubishi Motors Thailand targets to maximize the local content sourcing to benefit local part suppliers.

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